We are extremely excited about CrunchBoards scenario forecasting for Xero.

For the first time you can monitor your actual cash position and see how you are performing against set targets. What’s more you can access this information on any device and at any time.

Businesses using Xero and CrunchBoards get a 360º view of their business thanks to limitless P&L, balance sheet & Cashflow forecasting scenarios. You can visualise and compare these outcomes side by side.

CrunchBoards automatically syncs with Xero so we effectively monitor organisations with our autopilot with our real-time alerts too.

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Where Xero stops, CrunchBoards starts! The core areas that you can benefit from are:

  • Automated syncs with Xero – mean that CrunchBoards can monitor your business in the background. All you need to do is set up alerts once and you will be updated every time something is amiss
  • Complete Clarity – every transaction from the dawn of time is exposed for analysis and forecasting
  • Designed for Real Needs – 3-way P&L, balance sheet and cash flow forecasting scenarios give you unlimited flexibility. You can even visualise multiple entities side by side
  • Limitless Boards – no restrictions on what data you can track and monitor
  • User Permissions – expose areas of Xero that have never been exposed before to your team, your clients or your investors. Turn on or off Account Categories with ease and create bespoke Boards to drive business performance forward

If you need to understand the direction of your business, and consider the impact of alternative scenarios, CrunchBoards integrated to Xero online Accounting will deliver dynamic forecasting. No more continuous updating of spreadsheets that are immediately out of date.

For a demonstration of how CrunchBoards can revolutionise how you see your business or if you want a Business Forecast  professionally built Call us now for a free of obligation discussion.

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