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DEAR Inventory Integration to Xero

DEAR is a comprehensive cloud based inventory management application designed to help small businesses get better visibility of orders and inventory across all sales channels and locations.
Offering complete back end management with Purchasing, Sales, Warehouse management, Manufacturing and Ecommerce integration capabilities, DEAR is a must have for any business owner looking to accurately and efficiently manage inventory.

DEAR Inventory features:

Complete visibility of orders and inventory

Manage orders from all sales channels including wholesale, retail and online sales. With all inventory movements recorded in real time, easily check what stock is On Hand, Available for sale, sitting on order with supplier or already allocated to a customer order.


Warehouse management

Have grown and moving into multiple locations? No problem with DEAR Inventory. Set dedicated reorder points for individual locations, create bins within locations and use barcode scanners to receive and pick stock.


Bill of Materials/Auto assembled kits

If you manufacture your own products or simply sell bundled goods, you can utilise Bill of Materials functionality. Either manufacture your products in advance or let DEAR compile these for you automatically at the time of sale and subsequently reduce the quantity of relevant components.


Batch/Lot and serial number tracking

DEAR provides complete traceability of batch/lot, serial number and expiring inventory. A must have feature if you need to track specific pieces/batches of inventory. Especially useful for food or electronics distributors/manufacturers.


Drop Shipping

Set all, or specific, items to be shipped directly from your supplier to customer for ease of use and the smoothest possible transaction.


Reorder and Backorder

Set low stock reorder points which automatically trigger a purchase order to your suppliers. Don’t have enough stock to complete an order? Use backorder functionality to automatically trigger a purchase order to suppliers and fulfil your order when stock arrives.


Financial Reports

Whether used in conjunction with an accounting application or in standalone mode, DEAR Inventory delivers vital financial information via the powerful reporting module. Easily view and export your balance sheet and profit & loss statement by product.


Yes Accounting has the experience and knowledge to assist your business integrate your inventory with DEAR Inventory and Xero with integration to Magento and other Sales Channels.

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