Have you paid too much National Insurance?

There is a limit as to how much National Insurance Contributions (NIC) you should pay.

If you have income from more than one employment or from employment and self-employment, you may be due a refund.

Many individuals with more than one income source pay more NIC than they need to.

This is because, unlike PAYE, each employment source will deduct NIC without regard to national insurance being paid through the other income source.

The completion of a self assessment tax return will not check for over payments of national insurance, as tax returns only deal with tax.

HMRC do not have a mechanism in place to prevent National Insurance Contributions being overpaid.

Unless your accountant knows exactly what to look for, you could be due a refund of NIC.

Typical situations which might lead to overpaying NIC are:

  • More than one job
  • A full time job and a part time self employment

If you fall into either of the above categories there is a good chance that you have overpaid.

This can affect certain industries more than others.  Doctors and Opticians are just one example of where often, more than one income source, leads to over-payment of NIC.

We have the experience and expertise to reclaim over payments of National Insurance contributions.

If the contributions have been over paid in the past, we are able to reclaim the over payment.

Q: Can I claim back over-payments?

A: Over payments can be reclaimed from the NI Contribution Office, through a little-known arrangement, involving a CA5610 form.  The onus is on the individual to check their NI contributions and ensure they are paying the correct amount and getting a rebate where appropriate. NIC over-payments can only be claimed back for three years.  Therefore, if you think you have paid too much NIC, we recommend you act immediately.

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